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Use our online booking system and receive $50 off your new toilet installation.

After spending many years with our customers and their plumbing problems, we have learned that blocked drains are one of the most common and frustrating issues around.

At Maintenance King Plumbing we are the industry leaders in maintenance and we believe that prevention is better than the cure.

We understand how a plumbing emergency can impact your life and disrupt your home. That is why we are available on 1800 799 963 day or night.

Maintenance King Plumbing - 24 Hour Plumber Services and Hot Water Repairs

Maintenance King Plumbing offers expert services throughout Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. We provide customised solutions to a wide range of plumbing issues, tailoring our business to suit the needs of each individual customer and the job at hand. Our customer focused approach has helped us gain a reputation as a premier 24 hour plumber in the area, with unparalleled personalised service and satisfaction. People all over Sydney have come to rely on our high quality work and competitive prices.

We can cover the full range of plumbing requirements, from fixing leaky taps, clearing blocked drains, hot water repairs, leak detection and repair, and much more. By contacting us when the problem is small, you can save yourself the money and stress of dealing with a larger issue.

As a round the clock, 24 hour plumber, we are always available to rectify your emergencies. Whether you have a flood from a clogged drain in the kitchen, a burst pipe, an overflowing toilet, frozen pipes, or just about any plumbing problem, we can help. We have the experience and expertise to deal with a full range of emergencies, getting your home back to normal quickly and effectively.Maintenance King Plumbing also specialise in hot water repairs, ensuring your system is running efficiently. The hot water system is essential to your home, however it is not something that is really taken notice of until it has stopped working or is costing you excessive amounts of money. If you have noticed your power bill has been rising and suspect it might be related to your hot water system, we can help. Our team provide expert repairs, getting it back to full working order and not being a drain on your finances.

Contact Maintenance King Plumbing today and say goodbye to leaks, drips and blockages. Call our team on 1800 799 963 and discover more about how we can help you, Sydney-wide.

Specialist Services

  • Blocked drains cleared
  • Toilet repairs
  • Tap and water leaks repaired
  • Hot water system repaired and replacement
  • Electric eel and Hydro-jetting
  • Pipe camera and locating equipment
  • Gas & LPG repairs and installations
  • Sewer and drain pipe camera and locator
  • Bathroom, kitchen and laundry renovations
  • Backflow annual testing - RPZ double check valves
  • Solar hot water service installations
  • Gas fired & electric steam boilers supplied and installed
  • Remedial building works

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  • Thank you for promptly and professionally attending to my recent plumbing needs. I was extremely pleased with your level of service, and felt comfortable dealing with a genuine and honest company.I was completely delighted with the works completed, and would have no hesitation in recommending Maintenance King Plumbers to anyone.
    Amanda, Accountant
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